Kevin Smith’s Portfolio

The Vancouver Island Community Groundwater Monitoring Network: A website for collecting and distributing data about groundwater levels from private wells run by Dr. Alan Gilchrist of VIU. Built this as part of my Practicum, and a subsequent contract with Dr. Gilchrist. Built using Java, Apache Tomcat, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, OpenLayers, GeoServer, and GDAL.
RetroMap: A web map application displaying the locations of players of RetroMUD, an online game. Built using Java, Apache Tomcat, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, and OpenLayers. Uses the OpenID Single Sign On protocol.
SEI Habitat Loss in the Cowichan River Basin (Large PDF): A map of sensitive habitats and their loss in the Cowichan Valley. Created as part of an assignment for GEOG 511 using ArcGIS,, and Inkscape.
Bākoi: A map of an island in a fantasy world done mostly for practice. Created in Inkscape with custom name generator written in Ruby.
A Planisphere of Her Majesty's Martian Colony: A stereographic map of a Victorian colony on Mars. Created for an online contest and the Cowichan Exhibition. Created with using Inkscape, QuantumGIS, and GDAL.
Britannia: My second try at a map of the world of Britannia from the Ultima computer games. Created with QuantumGIS, OpenJUMP, Inkscape, Fontforge, GIMP, and some software I wrote in Java using the JTS library and in Ruby.
Portolan Chart: A fantasy map in the style of a Renaissance Portolan. Created for an online contest and the Cowichan Exhibition using Inkscape.
The Lands of the Inner Sea: Map of a fantasy world commissioned by author Goran Zidar to illustrate his stories. Created in Inkscape.
The Great Cities of Keystone and Abarack and their Environs on Welstar, the World of Order: Map of the world of Welstar from RetroMUD. Created in Inkscape
Canada: A map of Canada in black and white. Created for an online contest. I used QuantumGIS, Inkscape, OpenJUMP, and The GIMP along with a centroidal voronoi algorithm I wrote in Java using JTS.